Tips when buying fish oil supplement

As we learned more from recent clinic studies, the importance of fish oil was observed by people day by day. The benefits of fish oil discovered in 2016 are listed below, please take note for those fish oil side effects at the same time:

– Fish oil, especially for those EPA-rich (1,000 – 2,000 mg per day) omega-3s fish oil had showed the additive benefits for treatment of major depressive disorder. These benefits were observed in an investigation on 8 clinical studies, the fish oil was taking along with various antidepressants.

– In another small study, 4 grams of fish oil per day were giving to sixteen adults who were suffering from with major depression. Six weeks later, researcher found that the white matter in the 80% of people who were taking fish oil had increased, while those 45% of non-taking were not improved.

Thus we may guess that the fish oil has the ability of increasing the white matter in areas of the people’s brains. These areas are often compromised in depression patients commonly. The adults with mild to moderate actually can get benefits from taking fish oil, that the self-reported scores of depression were increased. Even for those patients with long term schizophrenia in early stages can improve their depressive symptoms if taking fish oil in high dose for more than 20 weeks.

Fish oil used in above studies is in high dose, for example, the fish oil taking in the schizophrenia study was 4 capsules of concentrated fish oil in 1,320 mg EPA and 880 mg DHA totally in one day. As the high dose fish oil may cause side effects like nausea, fishy burp, diarrhea, even decrease the immunity system, so before you plan to taking fish oil over 1,000 mg per day, please consult your doctor first.

Normally, you’d better choose some reliable brands for fish oil supplement from the fish oil market.

gnc fish oilFor example, GNC New Triple Strength Fish Oil with concentrated fish oil provides EPA 734 mg, DHA 267 mg in one softgel capsule per day. (Shopping with GNC coupons)

Another brand in Amazon: Nordic Naturals – Ultimate Omega, Support for a Healthy Heart contains EPA 650 mg, DHA 450 mg with a daily dose of two softgels. (Shopping with Amazon Promo Code)

The benefits of fish oil support our health, we also should aware of the fish oil side effects if taking fish oil supplement in high dosage.

Food Power

Food always supports our life, providing us with energy and nutrition. Some special foods are very common in our life but actually in recent studies, we learn a giant power existing in them which will be human’s right hand, even a natural remedy to support our health.

Here we will collect some food examples to show the positive effects for people:

1, Fish oil

fish oilFish oil is very popular now on supplement market. We get benefits from taking fish oil for our cardiovascular system. And also a lot of physician recommend us to take fish oil supplement every day, at least 300 mg (includes EPA and DHA) per day. If you don’t want to have fish oil supplementation, you can choose to eat fatty fish from ocean 2 -3 times every week. But from some studies, researcher found that eating fish there will be more contaminates than the fish oil supplement, as we know the pollution in ocean already becomes a threaten for all of the people, while the fish oil supplement normally will be purified to eliminated the PCBs, heavy metals (mercury, cadmium or lead) or other contaminations.

For example, GNC Triple Strength fish oil will go through 5 times of purifying and certification processes during the manufacturing procedures.

2, Ginger

gingerIt was regarded as spicy flavor, but there are some clinic studies concluded that prenatal women may prefer to eat ginger if meet a severe morning nausea and vomiting, rather than taking any conventional medicine. As the natural food source, ginger shows no side-effective or any potential risk for pregnant woman and her fetus. If you look into some prenatal multivitamins, you can find some soothing stomach blend.

For example, Garden of Life mykind Prenatal Multivitamins contains organic ginger root for the purpose of stomach soothing.

3, Cinnamon

ceylon cinnamonCinnamon, is just similar to the ginger, also treated as flavoring for hundreds of years. But it contains one kind of polyphenol called proanthocyanidins – PACs, which is playing similar function of insulin, that may be lead to lowering glucose for diabetes, especially for type 2 sufferer.

Eating is not just a survival method, satisfied our appetites, now it becomes an effective way to bring us a better life.